Monday, January 4, 2010

López's panoramas

The López mountain is a typical excursion of Bariloche. The access is easy (urban bus line), it's short (2:30hs to the shelter) and it offers incomparable views. But if you really want to be in the top of the world you must continue to the mountain's ridge, until the so-called tourist peak. From there the free view in all directions is spectacular.

"Que den las campanadas a deshora,
que salga del armario la cultura,
que el Corán no se enfade con la Torah,
que apeste menos la telebasura."
Wishes for the New Year (This Mouth is Mine), Joaquín Sabina

(esta entrada en español)


  1. They are some amazing views! I particularly like the stitched together photos, very good!

  2. Thanks! Stitching the pictures is a little bit more of work, but the result really shows the landscape in all its majesty.